Neff Center in Troy

  • 2 Gyms
  • Configurable based on your needs 
  • Basketball, Softball, Futsal
  • A/C and Heat
  • Excellent parking
  • Lobby, locker rooms
  • Conference space available
  • Located in Troy
  • Clinics, events, whatever your need
  • Catering available


Armory Sports provides indoor space for your team.

Your team needs a place to practice!  Contact us today on availability.

Facility 1: Albany

  • 20,000 Square Feet of non-infilled Astro Turf 
  • 100 x 200 feet with surrounding curtains and center curtain.
  • 25' tall ceiling
  • Configurable based on your needs up to 4 fields, or 2 baseball diamonds
  • Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Flag Football, Baseball or Softball  
  • Well heated and excellent parking
  • Lounge and WiFi
  • Conference space available
  • Home of Public Safety
  • Located in University Heights (Sage Albany, Albany Medical, Albany Law and Albany College of Pharmacy)
  • Clinics, events, whatever your need
  • Catering available